She killed me….

Me: Mom, what’s wrong with you?

Mom: I just think the Roman guy is hot.

Me: What about dad?

Mom: We’re not talking about dad now, we’re talking about the Roman guy.

Good night guys I am dead.

My mom is doing it again….

Mom: Wait where is his underwear?

Me: What?

Mom: His underwear! He suppose to wear underwear!

Me: Mom not all guys wrestle in underwear…

Mom: Yes they do! He suppose to wear underwear! Its the fucking rules right?!?!

Guys…. Please help me! She’s driving me crazy!!!

Hooray! Lana is here!

Inspirational my ass! Bo killed the bull!

So I’m Bo’s tag team partner….

I’m not doing a damn thing about it.

If they really wanna send a message to Fandango…. Layla and Summer should kiss…

Just saying…

Mom: Who the fuck is that?

Me: Fandango

Mom: Wait he likes women?

Me: Mom please…

Is it me or I can never get bored watching Jericho wrestle…

-__- Mom please stop lusting over Randy’s thighs…

For fuck sakes can somebody help me!

Great… My mom wanna watch Smackdown with me to see how the “beautiful long hair guy” is doing….

Help… Somebody!